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Space Plant 6000 floats alone in space, trying to catch enough light particles to grow and prosper. But the Space Slugs and Propeller Beasts find his Flowers and Stems a tasty treat! Space Plant's only protection is his Green Mushroom Shields! Can you help Space Plant collect the matching light particles and protect him from Space Monsters?

The Controls are pretty simple, considering the challenge. Left Arrow or A rotates him Counter-Clockwise, Right Arrow or D rotates him Clockwise. Use the flowers to collect matching light particles, use the green mushroom to block enemies (Stems don't count!). If all your flowers die, or a monster hits your Root Ball, you lose!


A big feature of this game is something I've wanted to build into a game for a while, Twitch.tv integration. Once you set up the game to connect to your twitch channel, viewers will be able to type commands into chat to spawn monsters or light particles. This adds a whole level of difficulty (or ease, depending on your viewers!) and interaction.

(You may want to post this somewhere on twitch or something....)

Twitch.tv viewers Can Type The Following Commands In Chat:

To Spawn Particles

To Spawn Enemies

Windows version fully tested, the Mac and Linux version have been put here, but they HAVE NOT BEEN TESTED AT ALL... very likely there are a few issues on those versions....


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